Monday, March 12, 2012


Man : Nandyan ba si Dante?
John : Good Morning, Pasensya na po. Hindi ko siya kilala.
Man: ... (walks out)

Is knocking on someone else door before entering the house important?

A person commits criminal trespass when he knowingly enters onto another person's property without consent. The trespasser must be aware that he has no right or permission to be on the property. This crime also occurs if the person remains on property after being asked to leave. For example, a customer may be charged with criminal trespass for refusing to leave a store after he's repeatedly asked by the store manager. In most cases, a trespass crime will only be considered a misdemeanor.

That is trespassing. Walang pinagkaiba sa isang taong bigla nalang magtatanong at tatalikod. Nakakatawa mang isipin minsan ang pakiramdam ko ninanakawan ako ng sagot.

Is it hard to say Good Morning, Good Afternoo, Good Eve or Thank you? Here is something to think about. Successful people never fail to knock at on the door of our soul by being polite.

Networker: Good Morning!
Mam: Ay! Networking.
Networker: AKNY ka pala eh. Sunget! Mamatay kang dukha!


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