My Story

Hello there,

My name is John Quito, I'm a Network Marketeer. Thank you for giving an interest to read my profile.

If you are interested on learning different techniques and strategies on doing network marketing professionally. I want to share you some of my learning and experiences I gain while doing this business. But first, let me tell you my story.

"About Me"

I'm a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at STI - Muñoz Edsa. I'm an Information technology Instructor. I have a passion at visual arts. So, I also teach Visual Graphic and Design.
My Hobbies are surfing the internet, playing computer games like Ragnarok, Dota etc. (I bet some of you are smiling right now ^_^ Hardcore gamer din ako hehehe Owning!) I like listening to good music and I also play the guitar. I also like reading books, Bob Ong Books, The Secret, Being Happy and many more.They are still a good source of knowledge.

"My Vision"

I envision myself being rich in all aspects of life; financial, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. In short, wealthy. Not just for my self but for the people I love and also loves me; God, Family, Friends, people I have met and the people I will meet in the near future.
I also envision myself surrounded by people whom I have helped achieve their own goals and also their goals for others.

"My Mission"

To educate the people inside and outside Network Marketing how I understand it, how I face it and how I am living with it until now.

Contact Details:
Mobile Number: 09175030878